VisiPrime Review: Does Visi Prime Work? Healthy Eye Vitamins That Work?

VisiPrime is an eye health supplement which claims to be a “medical breakthrough” that helps fight macular degeneration, cataracts, RP, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye and presbyopia or farsightedness by removing corrosive toxins that damage the mucous layers of the eyes.

Additionally, VisiPrime drops are designed to protect against eye infections by rejuvenating and cleansing the ocular system of toxins, repairing the cornea and strengthening the retina. Visiprime can also protect the eyes from blue light from computers.

How do the ingredients in VisiPrime improve the eyes?

This is what each of the ingredients included in VisiPrime works to support eye health:

Stage 1: absorption

Once the VisiPrime formula has been placed in the mouth, the eye tissues absorb nutrients from the product. This is possible with the help of six special ingredients to remove and cleanse impurities from eye tissues and to repair damage caused by mycotoxins or heavy metals.

The eyes are surrounded by a protective and rejuvenating barrier preventing toxic substances that cause further damage. The ingredients needed to accomplish each step are said to be 100% natural and are easily absorbed by the body.

Step 2: Clean

Cleansing is the process that begins after absorption. In order for vision to be restored, the eyes must be thoroughly cleaned of impurities that damage them. For this reason, Visiprime uses eyebright extract and vitamin C (1).

These two ingredients promote the elimination of toxins and heavy metals. They work together to clean the eyes so that vision is improved. But first, let’s see how vitamin C works.

Vitamin C

The vitamin C present in Visiprime is not a typical banal vitamin; it is a much more carefully chosen calcium ascorbate strain. This means it is 79% more potent than vitamin C found in over-the-counter retail stores. And vitamin C is important for eye health because it nourishes and hydrates, while fighting any impurities that may be present in the eye tissue. In addition, vitamin C is an antioxidant (2) that kills toxins and protects against macular degeneration.

Eyebright extract

The properties of vitamin C will be enhanced by eyebright extract as this particular ingredient is packed with other powerful vitamins such as A, B, C and vitamin E. These vitamins all nourish the eye.

Eyebright Extract and Vitamin C allow the eyes to absorb any nutrient more quickly. They also allow VisiPrime distilled water to reach the most hidden impurities in the eyes, even those that damage the optic nerve.

All this means no more irritated and puffy eyesbecause there are no other foreign substances present in the eye area.

Step 3: Repair

Because the eyes suffer from toxins accumulated in the eye area over time, they also need to be rejuvenated and refreshed. This is what restores sight. The ingredients that make this possible are blueberry extract and lutein.


Lutein is known to reduce eye inflammation and improve vision. It also reduces glare, decreases the number of lost cells, protects eye tissue and ensures that blue light from computer screens does not damage the eyes.

Overall, lutein comes into play as one of the two major carotenoids found in the eyes (retina and macula). VisiPrime users can ensure they have a protective shield around their eyes. Lutein (3, 4) appears to be a hero in protecting against macular degeneration, dry eye, diabetic retinopathy, and even cataracts.

Bilberry extract

Bilberry extract is rich in antioxidants and is considered an aid for the ingredient lutein and a fixer of damage to the eyes after coming in contact with too many toxins; and reduces eye pressure and improves blood flow to the eyes. Bilberry extract may also support and improve vision in people with glaucoma.

Step 4: shielding

Once the first three steps of the VisiPrime formula improve these eye conditions, VisiPrime then begins to protect the eyes from further damage caused by dangerous toxins and heavy metals.

The last two ingredients that help protect the eyes are zinc and copper. With these two ingredients added to VisiPrime, no toxins can reach the eyes and cause further damage.

Available in VisiPrime in their Gluconate form are Zinc and Copper (5, 6) to ensure that the eye tissue stays connected, stronger and protected from all toxic compounds.

Together, zinc and copper enhance the effects of lutein, eyebright, blueberry and vitamin C so that the eyes can no longer be affected by damage or disease.

What does it mean to use VisiPrime?

  • Using VisiPrime means no longer worrying about wearing glasses or contact lenses or having to have eye surgery, which is very expensive.
  • VisiPrime is a product that guarantees that the eyes are 100% protected and clean and protected against eye diseases that can lead to blindness or serious visual impairment.
  • VisiPrime promises to help support clearer visioneven for those who have had problems with their eyes.

Dosage VisiPrime

The makers of VisiPrime state that the formula can be used by placing three to five drops in their mouth three to five times a day. Then it is recommended to start with a smaller number of drops and usually one or two drops can be used once or twice a day.

The company advises people with allergies or under medical supervision to consult their doctor first before using VisiPrime.

How much does VisiPrime cost?

The VisiPrime formula can only be acquired on its official website. The manufacturer offers discounts for buying in bulk; here are the prices currently offered for VisiPrime:

  • One bottle $69.00 + small shipping
  • Three bottles $59.00 per bottle + free US shipping
  • Six bottles $49.00 per bottle + free US shipping

All products come with a 60 day money back guarantee which can be claimed by returning the product to the company and contacting Visiprime customer service at:

The customer reviews shared on the website are from verified customers who have used the VisiPrime formula, stating:

Verified Buyer:

  • “But I didn’t expect to work so well. I burst into tears when I finally got to see what a healthy-eyed person sees.

Verified Buyer:

  • “I didn’t realize how bad my vision was until you opened my eyes!”

Verified Buyer:

  • “I feel blessed and honored to have been able to use this solution, and it’s the one thing that has helped me get my vision back faster than I ever dreamed of and be closer to my family.”


People with vision-related eye health problems may visit the official VisiPrime website and buy their supply exclusively! >>>

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