Sunshine Supplements: how to prepare your skin for summer

The sun is an instant mood booster. According to recent to research, sun exposure increases the brain’s release of the happiness hormone, serotonin, which in turn makes us feel calmer, more focused and generally brighter. Science aside, it’s also fair feels good to bask in the sun and that’s why so many of us are willing to cross continents during the winter months.

“Just as we need food and water, our health depends on getting enough sunlight,” says Henrietta Norton, nutritionist and founder of Wild Nutrition. “Whether it’s producing vitamin D, boosting our immune system, supporting our bones, or producing essential chemicals for the brain, being in the sun is vital,” continues Norton.

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Although vital to our health, absorbing the sun’s rays is extremely harmful to our skin and can lead to skin burns, skin cancer and premature aging. That’s why wearing a broad-spectrum FPS every day is non-negotiable. “Wearing sunscreen every day, even on cloudy days, is essential,” says advanced cosmetic physician Dr. Catharine Denning, “this healthy habit reduces the likelihood of skin damage.”

The goal then is to enjoy the health benefits of the sun while protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. And while wearing SPF is essential, there is also another way to boost your defense from within. Enter: Sunshine Supplements. A new breed of pills and powders (to add to your multivitamin and the best probiotic for women) that promise to prep and protect skin for summer have recently emerged. Here’s everything you need to know…

What are sun supplements?

“Sunshine supplements” is the name we gave to this group of beauty boosters which, in addition to carrying a broad-spectrum SPF, offer the best line of defense against the sun’s rays. “Getting a little sun can be good for your health but incredibly damaging to your skin,” says Dr. Barbara Sturm, leading aesthetic physician and founder of her eponymous skincare line, which launches its SUN SKIN supplements at the end of this month.

“I designed my supplements to help support skin’s defenses and protect against oxidative stress while you’re in the sun, and to stimulate collagen formation for healthy, radiant skin,” Sturm explains. Inside the capsules you will find a cocktail of precious vitamins, polyphenols and trace elements to support the skin as well as plant carotenoids, beta-carotene, astaxanthin and lycopene to enhance your tan and give it a beautiful look. glow.

This is not an industry first, there are several other sunscreen supplements on the market that work the same way. Take Wild Nutrition’s Natural Glow, for example – founder Henrietta Norton has dreamed up a smart supplement that not only boosts the skin’s natural sun defenses to protect against premature aging, but also enhances a wonderful healthy glow.

Two years in the making, the capsules contain something called Melaline, an ingredient sourced from the fleece of free-grazing sheep in southern France that encourages skin cells to produce melanin for a sun-kissed glow. They are also loaded with beta-carotene, copper, vitamins C and E to stimulate collagen production and strengthen the skin’s antioxidant defense mechanisms.

How often should you take sunscreen supplements?

For SUN SKIN and Natural Glow, it is recommended to take two supplements daily – starting two to three weeks before sun exposure to best prepare skin for time outdoors. Aime’s Summer Glow supplements work the same way and are designed to be taken daily (one per day) as the countdown to summer begins.

Sold on sunshine supplements? Turn to the best sunscreen supplements below (and remember, these are NOT an alternative to sunscreen – keep applying your SPF daily).

SUN SKIN supplement from Dr. Barbara Sturm

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Wild Nutrition Natural Glow Supplement

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