Shelfie: How Paris Mitchell Temple Makes Her Skin Glow After Pregnancy

How Paris Mitchell Makes Her Skin Glow After Pregnancy


How Paris Mitchell Makes Her Skin Glow After Pregnancy

Designer Paris Mitchell Temple is the co-founder of the brand Paris Georgia, which recently dressed Lady Gaga.

“I feel like I’m coming out of a shortage of products.

When I was pregnant I was repelled by smells and while breastfeeding I was more sensitive to what I was using on my skin. It feels good to be back to my normal product hoarding self.

Especially after the sleep deprivation that comes with becoming a new mother, my skin needs all the glow it can get.

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I like to support New Zealand beauty as much as possible, we have an amazing pool of products here. During my pregnancy and breastfeeding, these were the brands I trusted the most.

I’ve slowly reintroduced other brands into my skincare regimen – like this selection of homegrown products that I use daily.

Without [ceuticals] Superdose Luminosity Mask, $65

New Zealand made magic! I have always trusted and loved [Sans founder] Lucy’s products. I use this mask for my vitamin C injection; it makes my complexion brighter and smoother.

Maryse treating balm, $32

I have one in almost every room in my house and definitely in every purse. I use this balm mostly on my lips but also on my lids and brows – it gives them a bit of shape when I’m on the go.

Synergy ÜberZinc, $159

The product I wish I had worn more as a teenager – sunscreen. Synergie’s ÜberZinc only has SPF 15 but I apply it several times a day in the summer. The soft texture is never heavy and I love that it also works as a moisturizer. Available at Clinic 42.

Mara Retinol Face Oil, $269

After being pregnant and breastfeeding, I was very excited to put retinol back into my routine. My friends at [local beauty store] Ines put me on this brand because it is considered a clean beauty and was a gentle way to restore retinol to my skin.

Emma Lewisham Supernatural 72 Hour Cream, $141

My go-to moisturizer. So nourishing and hydrating, I love it especially before bed. It’s addicting! And made in New Zealand.

Truncate Scar Concentrate, $160

The Trunque range is also made in New Zealand and focuses solely on the body. The scar concentrate is my go-to, it has been amazing at removing any lingering blemishes.

Patricia J. Callender