Negin Mirsalehi on the art of self-care, skin care during pregnancy and the new launch of Gisou

Negin Mirsalehi is a millennial beekeeper, who you don’t see every day, but of course, if you’re one of her seven million Instagram followers, you know she’s so much more than that. Mirasalehi first made bees a business with hair care products, inspired by her mother’s uses of honey and bee propolis on hair at home, then adding skin care.

As Miraslehi prepares for the arrival of her first baby, she also welcomes another new creation into her life:Gisou Honey Beauty Balm ($37). It’s the perfect summer multitasker to keep skin hydrated and dewy in hot temperatures and thundering air conditioning. We chatted with Mirasalehi to learn more about the inspiration behind Gisou, her favorite wellness practice, how her skincare routine changed during pregnancy and more.

Your family has been in beekeeping for generations. What inspired you to use honey for hair care products?

“Growing up, my family and I spent much of our time in our family’s bee garden, working closely with our father to keep and care for the bees. Having our own bee garden, we were able to enjoy an abundance of the freshest, finest honey produced by our bees, using it for just about anything.

My mother, a hairdresser in training at the time, discovered how the moisturizing and nourishing properties of honey could work wonders on our hair. After years of experimentation and blending, she developed a honey-infused oil formula that our entire family has been using ever since for healthy, hydrated, conditioned locks.

As I grew my online community, which came to me largely for fashion and beauty, I noticed an interest in how I cared for and styled my hair. Knowing how beneficial my mother’s honey-infused hair oil recipe was for my hair, I was inspired to share it with the world. We launched Gisou in 2015 with our Honey infused hair oil ($87) as a natural extension of my family’s legacy, my passion for beekeeping and my love for beauty.”

Gisou is rooted in haircare, but you’ve already ventured into skincare with face oil and lip oil. Tell us a bit about the benefits of honey for the skin.

“Yes! I’m so excited that we’ve expanded our line to include skincare products. Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids, honey is a powerful antioxidant and natural remedy that helps heal, nourish, prevent moisture loss, provide long-lasting hydration and leave a healthy, glowing and brighter complexion.That’s why it seemed so natural to infuse the goodness of honey into a face and lip oil.

Honey Infused Beauty Balm is your new product. How do you use it in your routine and what are you most excited about with this new launch?

“The Honey Infused Beauty Balm is my new favorite and the ultimate multitasker! Whenever my skin is dry and chapped, I apply it to instantly soothe and protect. Before going out, I dab it on my cheekbones , eyelids or the bridge of the nose to leave a slight shine. Other ways I like to use it include running a pearl-sized amount through my hair to tame flyaways or glide over brows to fluff and set them in place.

I’m so thrilled that our community is discovering the versatility of the balm, especially since it’s just in time for summer! The honey-infused beauty balm really does it all, treating everything from dry, chapped skin to itchy or irritated skin (usually caused by excessive sun exposure or air conditioning). It also enhances your natural skin tone, leaving a highlighter-like glow for healthy, glowing, dewy skin.

It melts like honey and absorbs like oil for instant results, is deeply hydrating, nourishing and soothing for face and body, and it’s the perfect multitasker to throw in your bag and take on your travels. summer travel and adventures – can’t wait for our community to try it out!

Are there any skincare hacks that have been passed down in your family?

“The most important ‘skincare hack’ I learned from my mother is the art of self-care and simplicity. She taught me that more is not more and in fact, a simple routine that meets your skin’s ever-changing needs and is specific to your skin type is the most beneficial in the long run My mom showed us the importance of being gentle with our hair, and the same principles apply to the skin.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! What did you change in your skincare routine during your pregnancy?

“Thank you! I’ve been obsessed with beauty for as long as I can remember, so naturally I love trying new brands and products. But, with pregnancy comes a greater awareness of everything I put on. in and on my body. So I did a lot less experimenting, which was probably the biggest change! Since I know exactly what goes into Gisou products, I rely on them even more for my routine. of skin care.

How has being pregnant changed your perspective on beauty and wellness?

“When it comes to beauty, my philosophy during pregnancy was to go back to basics. It’s really important to me to know exactly what ingredients are in every product I use and that they are as natural as possible. This means I relied heavily on a routine centered around ingredients I know and love, like our Mirsalehi Honey and Propolis. For example, our Honey Infused Face Oil is 95.7% natural, so it’s an essential part of my daily routine that I know I can trust.

I’ve always been a wellness lover and have prioritized my wellness rituals that make me feel good, so I doubled down on those during my pregnancy. My number one wellness practice that I always turn to to feel connected and grounded is being outdoors with nature. This is where I am most calm, centered and at peace, and especially during pregnancy, this is where I felt the most in tune with my body. So I make sure to always make it a priority. Long walks in my hometown of Amsterdam with my dog ​​Mosey and my fiancé Maurits are my favorite way to recharge, refresh and reconnect after a busy week of getting ready for the baby and chasing Gisou!

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