HUM Nutrition launches WOMB SERVICE™ prenatal supplement

Womb Service’s 2-step formula includes a prenatal multivitamin capsule and vegan DHA soft gel (no fishy aftertaste) providing 23 nutrients, including choline and folate, at OB-GYN recommended levels. Each ingredient is clinically backed to support your overall health as well as optimal brain, eye, bone and baby development.

“Two of the most important supplements to look for in your prenatal vitamins are folic acid and iron,” says Dr. Manuela Vasquez, board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist and founder of LaMaria Women’s Wellness. “Folic acid helps prevent birth defects associated with the neural tube. Physiological changes that occur during pregnancy can make pregnant women more prone to anemia, so having iron in your prenatal vitamin can help maintain appropriate blood levels.”

Womb Service’s key ingredients include vegan seaweed DHA which supports optimal brain, vision and overall health in babies and has no odor or aftertaste; choline which supports the development of the baby’s brain and spinal cord; a highly absorbable, stomach-friendly form of chelated iron, thinking morning sickness; and methylated folate (MTFH) which is the most important B vitamin during pregnancy and key to neural tube development and DNA synthesis. The form of folate used is absorbable by all and at the dose of 800 mcg, recommended by experts in prenatal nutrition.

Womb Service includes Vitamin B12, Biotin, Vitamin D3, Iodine, Iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K1, Vitamin K2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, niacin, vitamin B6, molybdenum, magnesium, zinc, selenium, boron, manganese and chromium.

Womb Service ingredients are vegan, non-GMO, free of artificial colors or sweeteners, and certified clean. Womb Service’s extremely high cleanliness standards have been recognized by the Clean Label Project, a national non-profit organization whose mission is to bring truth and transparency to the labeling of food and consumer products. Womb Service received the Clean Label Project Purity Award’s highest honor for its industry-leading purity and safety standards, giving this product clean third-party certification you can trust for mom and baby.

The bottles are made from recycled Prevented Ocean Plastic™ to ensure the well-being of moms, babies and the planet for generations to come.

Womb Service retails for $45 and will be sold on, Amazon and Sephora.

About HUM Nutrition
HUM Nutrition, the leader in beauty supplements, has revolutionized an entire industry by successfully merging beauty and wellness. By supplementing the beauty routine from within, HUM launched a movement that inspired more than half a million people to embrace healthier lifestyles and retailers to create a new category. HUM has reimagined every touchpoint of the vitamin experience starting with an exclusive online quiz that matches consumers with curated product recommendations and a personal dietitian. The innovative HUM range responds to ultra-specific beauty concerns. Each formulation is rooted in clinical research, and ingredients are carefully selected and triple-tested by independent labs for quality and purity. HUM’s eye-catching branding resonates like no other with today’s consumers and its distinct color-coded packaging and user-friendly tone has succeeded in eliminating the often intimidating barrier to vitamins and supplements.

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