HUM Nutrition launches a 2-step prenatal system

Wellness brand HUM Nutrition recently unveiled its latest product Womb Service, a prenatal system for pre- and post-pregnancy.

Womb Service’s 2-step formula includes a prenatal multivitamin capsule and vegan DHA soft gel (no fishy aftertaste) providing 23 nutrients, including choline and folate, at OB-GYN recommended levels. The company said each ingredient is clinically supported to help with brain, eye and bone health, as well as the overall health and development of the baby.

Jennifer Martin-Biggers PhD, MS, RD, Vice President, Scientific Affairs and Education at HUM Nutrition, said a prenatal vitamin was one of the top requests from their consumers. “This product has been in development for two years to ensure that we were able to provide a complete solution with 23 nutrients for pre and postnatal needs in an easy to take solution. The easy-to-take part was making sure we didn’t need to use fragrances to mask the smell of our DHA from a vegan algae source. Through our R&D work, we’ve discovered that it’s best to store DHA in a separate capsule (Step 2) to avoid any fishy smells that need to be masked and to include one of the highest doses of choline in industry, a crucial nutrient during pregnancy for brain development, in the Step 1 capsule.


Womb Service contains vitamin B12, biotin, vitamin D3, iodine, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K1, vitamin K2, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, vitamin B6, molybdenum, magnesium, zinc, selenium and boron. , manganese and chromium.

Key ingredients include vegan seaweed DHA to support optimal brain, vision and overall health in babies; choline to support baby’s brain and spinal cord development; a highly absorbable, stomach-friendly form of chelated iron, thinking morning sickness; and methylated folate (MTFH) which is essential for neural tube development and DNA synthesis. The form of folate used is absorbable and comes in an 800 mcg dose recommended by prenatal nutrition experts.

Dr. Manuela Vasquez, board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist and founder of LaMaria Women’s Wellness, says folic acid and iron are two of the most important supplements to have in prenatals. “Folic acid helps prevent birth defects associated with the neural tube. Physiological changes that occur during pregnancy can make pregnant women more prone to anemia, so having iron in your prenatal vitamin can help maintain appropriate blood levels.”

Martin-Biggers added that there is an increased opportunity for plant-based prenatal vitamin supplements, with many consumers becoming aware of the nutritional implications of plant-based diets as well as the environmental impacts of their choices.

stand out

Womb Service ingredients are vegan, non-GMO, free of artificial colors or sweeteners, and certified clean. Womb Service has been recognized by the Clean Label Project, a national non-profit organization whose mission is to bring truth and transparency to the labeling of food and consumer products. Womb Service received the Clean Label Project Purity Award’s highest honor for its industry-leading purity and safety standards.

“Our receipt of the Clean Label Project’s Purity Award means Womb Service is one of the cleanest prenatal solutions on the market – a must for consumers looking for a pre or post pregnancy supplement,”said Martin-Biggers.

Focused on women

HUM Nutrition said the goal is to support women at all key stages of their lives and are delighted to continue this commitment by now providing solutions for PMS through pregnancy and throughout menopause.

Patricia J. Callender