Bundle Organics launches organic juice for pregnant women

NEW YORK – Group organic products (www.bundleorganics.com) unveils the first line of organic prenatal juices, fully pasteurized and specially designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of expectant mothers. Each juice contains the best organic fruits and vegetables for pregnancy, plus an extra boost of essential vitamins for mom and baby, including folic acid, vitamin D, calcium, iron and omega-3s.

Busy expectant mothers now have a convenient and delicious way to get extra nutrients and quench their thirst on the go, while supporting healthy prenatal development. Working closely with leading OB-GYNs and nutritionists, Bundle Organics has formulated the juices with USDA organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables, such as apples, kale, berries, lemon and ginger, which are particularly beneficial for expectant mothers.

Miriam Erick, dietitian and nationally recognized perinatal morning sickness advocate, says, “Up to eight in 10 women experience nausea during pregnancy and many have found relief from morning sickness by consuming lemon and ginger. These drinks not only have these ingredients in their juice, but they also help mom stay hydrated when she needs an average of 64 fluid ounces of fluid per day. It is especially appealing to women who are looking for alternatives to water.

Bundle Organics juices are preservative-free and sugar-free. They are also fortified with nutrients recommended by OBGYN at levels that supplement – rather than replace – the daily prenatal vitamins. The nutrients in the juice benefit women from preconception through pregnancy and after birth, including breastfeeding.

“For expectant mothers, prenatal vitamins will not necessarily meet 100% of your daily vitamin and mineral needs,” says Dr. Errol Norwitz, president of obstetrics and gynecology at Tufts Medical Center in Boston and consultant for Bundle Organics . “In addition to taking care of your own health during pregnancy, you also need to absorb large amounts of additional minerals and vitamins necessary for a healthy baby to grow. This is especially true for calcium, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids, which can be difficult to get from your diet alone. Bundle Organics has come up with a safe and delicious solution: a selection of nutritious juices designed specifically for expectant mothers to take in addition to your prenatal vitamins so you can get that extra “bump” of nutrients you need. “

All Bundle Organics juices are available in a convenient 16 oz take-out size. bottles that are also BPA-free – so you can sip worry-free. And because they’re pasteurized, they’re not only safe to drink during pregnancy, but easy to ship and transport without refrigeration (although the juices are recommended to be consumed chilled).

Bundle Organics juices are all fortified with an extra dose of folic acid, calcium, vitamin D, omega-3 and iron:

• Organic Prenatal Black Berry & Vegetable Juice: Packed with superfruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and antioxidants to give mom’s changing body extra energy and to fight disease. Spinach and kale are also another great source of folic acid and beta carotene for healthy baby development.

• Organic Prenatal Kale, Apple, Lemon and Ginger Juice: Full of folic acid, calcium and iron to help cells grow and develop. Lemon and ginger are the perfect combination to fight fatigue and reduce nausea.

• Organic prenatal orange, carrot, berry and ginger juice: made with the tastiest fruits and vegetables full of vitamin C and beta-carotene to increase immunity and strengthen the circulatory, respiratory, nervous and baby bones.

The full line of Bundle Organics prenatal juices is available online at www.bundleorganics.com. The juices are delivered right to your doorstep so you don’t have to worry about going to the store. Prices start at $ 18.00 for a three-pack of 16-ounce bottles, with flat-rate shipping of $ 5 and free shipping on orders over $ 50. Want more? Bundle Organics also offers a flexible, discounted subscription option for automatic monthly delivery of your favorite juices. Get your favorite flavor now at www.bundleorganics.com.

About Bundle Organics

Bundle Organics is the first line of organic prenatal juices, fully pasteurized and specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of pregnant women and new mothers. Each juice contains the best organic fruits and vegetables for mom and baby during pregnancy, plus an extra dose of essential nutrients like folic acid, vitamin D, calcium, iron and omega 3. Made with products organic, non-GMO and USDA. , with no added sugars or preservatives, Bundle Organics juices offer a delicious way to supplement prenatal vitamins in a safe and convenient way. Even the bottles are BPA free! Ideal for pre-conception during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Bundle Organics juices are available in packs of 3, 6, or 12, or as a monthly bundle subscription. To order, visit www.bundleorganics.com.

Patricia J. Callender